Scott Ritchings sitting in front of books.


Design has been a constant in my life. As soon as I could grip a crayon, I was drawing and designing. From cross sections of secret bases to logos for video games I wished existed, I was constantly designing. What began there has never stopped.

My career has brought me a wide variety of design-based roles and projects. I have had the privilege of designing identities for sole proprietors and large-format graphics for large corporations. My portfolio includes successful logos, vehicle wraps, branding, print collatoral, book designs, illustrations and social media posts. There’s been the occasional accolade and news story along the way, I should add those here one day.

Following in the footsteps of the inspirational instructors I had in the past, I’ve made time to share my knowledge and experience in design to college students and even teach design principles to youth at a local arts centre.

Collaboration is important to me, working with a client or other experts to join forces to create something awesome is a good way to live. I don’t have time for pessimists, gossip, and trash talk. I want to bring a little joy into the world.

I was born, raised and live in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia. Nestled between mountains and ocean the area informs my work, and is a constant inspiration with innumerable ways to recharge in nature or find some inspiring culture in the cities.

I use ‘a little’ a little too much.