Huracan Concrete Pumper Truck Wrap

KCP Concrete Pumps ships a variety of concrete pumper trucks across North America. Many of their clients want their trucks wrapped to help their stand out not only on the road, but the construction site. Huracan wanted a design that made them very noticeable and would appeal to their target market. The truck came with a predetermined […]

The ACT Arts Centre – Social Media

The Act Arts Centre is a multi-faceted facility that advertises and informs all of its offerings through umbrella social media accounts across the Instagram and Facebook platforms.The channels are a mix of information on live performances, arts learning programs, art gallery exhibits and informative information concerning the arts world both in the community and worldwide.As […]

Sound Refuge – Beautiful Intruder

After the success of the Defeat the Fears single artwork, I was approached to collaborate on the full album artwork. The musician wanted me to collaborate with another illustrator, Dominique Duong, to create the album art. Dominique and I first started by coming up with our own ideas, sharing them with each other, and with […]

Borealis Ltd.

With an identity already established, Borealis, a distributor of end-grain lumber products, was in need of a website, brochures, datasheets, and PowerPoint presentations. Using an existing style guide I created visual assets that worked across multiple media formats to create a strong visual identity for a sales team to use on calls. Client: BorealisRole: Graphic […]

The ACT Arts Centre

The ACT Art Centre presents a variety of concerts, comedy performances, theatrical, dance and variety performances every year. Ahead of the season launch, marketing materials are created to be used in a variety of mediums. The posters form the foundation. As the imagery is provided by the performer’s management, the imagery is often visually and […]

The ACT Art Gallery

The ACT Art Gallery was hosting the annual show and sale of the Garibaldi Art Club. The club required posters and an intro panel to the show. Working with the Artistic Administrator, a hero image was chosen to be featured on posters, flyers, social media, and website. While the poster uses a type treatment over […]

The ACT Art Gallery

The ACT Art Gallery hosts secondary school student artists from the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows School District (SD42) in a bi-annual juried exhibition. To build interest in the exhibition amongst these young artists, I was tasked with creating a flyer that would be sent to the art instructors of each school to share with the […]

The City of Coquitlam Library

The City of Coquitlam built a new library and needed eye catching graphics to adorn the spandrels around the exterior of the building. Marketing for the library used drop caps that featured letters cropped in straight edged geomtric shapes. I used that as a basis and built a loose mosaic of letters in a variety […]

The Turnip Squad

A group of avid board game players that regularly play a game called Gloomhaven approached me to design a team logo for them to use on T Shirts. Inspired by jersey logos of many North American sports teams, I researched into the styling and branding of the game and fused the two to create a […]

The Music of Junk

A musical built around the idea of musical instruments created from repurposed objects. I was hired to created the initial branding, posters, program and advertising for the initial run of the musical during the Vancouver Fringe Festival. The logo evokes a built up look that calls back to the concept of the instruments themselves; blocks […]