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  • Graphic Design – Bentall Centre Athletic Club

    The Bentall Centre Athletic Club was looking to liven up their fitness facilities with some super-sized graphics for their walls. They wanted full wall graphics that would appeal to their upscale Vancouver clientele. Graphics were to cover the entrance stairs, yoga room wall, locker wall, and a long hallway wall opposite the squash courts.  Sourced […]

  • Book Design – Cloudscape Comics – 21 Journeys

    I was involved with a group of independent comic artists who once a year put together a themed anthology of stories from artists from the Vancouver area. The fifth book was given a travel theme and while previous books were designed collaboratively, I was the sole designer for 21 Journeys.  Given the travel theme, I […]

  • Logo Design – Cloudscape Comics

    I co-founded an independent Vancouver-centric comics collective to help artists bring their stories to print. Once the name Cloudscape was settled on, I developed the logo to brand everything with. I wanted to avoid the cliched speech bubble motif and develop something more universal and appealing to an audience both within and outside the comic […]

  • Book Design and Collateral – Cloudscape Comics – Exploded View

    I was a founding member of a non-profit comic book publisher that published an annual anthology featuring BC-based artists. The 2010 edition was science fiction-themed. A cover illustration was commissioned with line art by Camilla d’Errico and colours by Edison Yan with art direction and design work by myself.  Beyond the book design, I developed supplemental materials to support […]

  • Maple Ridge Museum – Exhibit Social Media Campaign

    The Maple Ridge Museum collaborated with The ACT Art Gallery to display a collection of 1920s fashions, photographs, and artifacts to share what life was like in Maple Ridge during that era. With the only asset being vintage photos from the archives I designed the posters, introduction panel, teacher’s guide, webpage, and social media advertising. […]

  • Album Single Artwork – Sound Refuge, Defeat the Fears

    Musician Markus Michelucci was releasing a new single, exploring a new, heavier sound, a departure from the acoustic folk he was known for. He asked for a cover that reflected the idea behind the song. Pulling from the lyric, “There could be part of you, within me.” I created a collage of faces made of […]

  • Associated Labels Vehicle Wrap

    Associated labels wanted to communicate that their company was more than bland labels. Having expanded into shrink sleeves and packaging, they wanted a vehicle wrap for their sales representative that stood out from the competition and acted as a statement piece, eschewing the typical corporate design of filling the space with an over abundance of […]

  • Logo and Business Card Design – Cassandra Simonds – Make Up Artist

    I was approached with a request for building an identity and business card for a make up artist who focused on bridal party makeup after an unsatisfying experience with another designer. She was concerned that while this designer had presented ‘nice’ designs, none of them fit into the image she was looking for.  After a […]

  • Matte Painting – Rainmaker Entertainment

    I had the opportunity to create a matte painting for an animated film. Semi-realism was important and the image started as a composite of dozens of separate photos. Texture samples from some photos were used to create brushes to ‘paint’ with. After a general layout was approved, the collage was then heavily painted over to […]

  • Vehicle Wrap Design – Tim Hortons Community Cruiser

    Tim Hortons was looking to refresh their much loved Community Cruisers that bring coffee and baked goods to community events and youth sporting events.  Using a general concept and provided photos and logos, a basic concept was developed and refined to create a friendly wrap that was adaptable enough to look good on multiple vehicle […]