Cloudscape Comics – 21 Journeys

I was involved with a group of independent comic artists who once a year put together a themed anthology of stories from artists from the Vancouver area. The fifth book was given a travel theme and while previous books were designed collaboratively, I was the sole designer for 21 Journeys. 

Given the travel theme, I went with a travel journal aesthetic for the book. Distressed textures, scanned bits of cello tape, and drink rings all mark the pages between stories. While the cover and title pages feature handwritten styled fonts to give a feeling of idle doodles while traveling from destination to destination. 

The table of contents is comprised of stamps created from images from each story and the title and page numbers have been made to look like their postmarks. Each title page is relevant to the individual story through a custom map overlayed with objects from the comic. I also created a custom transit map based on the iconic London Underground map, turning each artist into a station on the biography page using the same style and font of the original.

Client: Cloudscape Comics

Role: Book Design, Prepress, Story Editing

Year: 2011