The Turnip Squad

A group of avid board game players that regularly play a game called Gloomhaven approached me to design a team logo for them to use on T Shirts. Inspired by jersey logos of many North American sports teams, I researched into the styling and branding of the game and fused the two to create a […]

The Music of Junk

A musical built around the idea of musical instruments created from repurposed objects. I was hired to created the initial branding, posters, program and advertising for the initial run of the musical during the Vancouver Fringe Festival. The logo evokes a built up look that calls back to the concept of the instruments themselves; blocks […]

New Westminster Police Officers Association

The New Westminster Police Officers Association was looking for a brand refresh and update to their logo. Looking for a classic styling that would age well, multiple stylistic directions were explored before honing in on the look and feel the client was looking for to represent all of the officers serving New Westminster. Once the […]

Cloudscape Comics

I co-founded an independent Vancouver-centric comics collective to help artists bring their stories to print. Once the name Cloudscape was settled on, I developed the logo to brand everything with. I wanted to avoid the cliched speech bubble motif and develop something more universal and appealing to an audience both within and outside the comic […]