Logo Design, Visual Identity & Brand Identity

Your brand is more than a logo. It’s also more the colours, fonts, patterns and photos that accompany a logo. A brand is all of that but more importantly, is the story, personality, and strategy that supports the visual identity. No matter where your brand is in it’s journey, I have the skills and experience to help take your brand to new heights.

Logo Design

A logo doesn’t define a brand, but it’s an important part that should have careful thought behind it.

After consultation with you to determine defining characteristics of your company and the direction you’d like to go. I’ll spend time doing research into the best ways to capture your company in a logo. I will then come back to you with three rough concepts to choose from. From there one concept is chosen and I’ll refine the concept with up to two further revisions.

The final logo will be handed over to you in a variety of formats for both print and digital needs. A style guide will also be included that outlines the logo(s), colour palette, elements and best practices that  keep your logo looking its best.

Included in a Logo Design:

  • • Three logo concepts with two further revisions for one concept
  • • A final logo provided in multiple file formats for both print and digital display in both colour and monochrome
  • • A style guide outlining best practices for logo use

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Visual Identity

A Visual Identity is the visual elements that effortlessly work with your logo to create a strong visual identity. It includes things like a colour palette, typography, photography, patterns, layout, icons, textures, illustrations and more! No two visual identities are ever the same, each one should be tailored for the brand it supports.

Included in a Visual Identity:

Everything in a Logo Design and:

  • • Typography (fonts) selection
  • • An expanded colour palette featuring primary, secondary and accent colours

Optional elements that your brand may need:

  • • Patterns
  • • Icons
  • • Photography Guidelines
  • • Illustration Guidelines
  • • Layout guidelines

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Brand Identity

Everyone likes a story, we remember stories far better than a list of bullet points. A Brand Identity tells the story of your brand. If your brand was a person, it would be how they sound, how they look, how much attention they command when they walk into a room.

Building a good brand identity is an involved process, one where we’ll sit down and discuss what your company is, who it’s to serve and the goals you want to achieve. I’ll take notes, a lot of notes, and ask a lot of questions. This will help build the foundation of your story and together, we’ll build from there. At the end, you’ll have a fully formed documented brand that will resonate with the audience you need and a document that will act as a roadmap for all of your communication needs.

Included in a Brand Identity:

Everything in a Logo Design and Visual Design but it starts with:

  • • Brand Name (if needed)
  • • Developing a Brand Story
  • • Brand Personality Creation
  • • Communication Style


All of this will be documented, outlined and presented in a digital brand book with all visual elements provided in common file formats.

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Logo / Brand Refresh

Sometimes a logo or brand you’ve been using no longer has the impact it once had. It’s helped you build your business to a point, but needs a little something to help you in the next chapter of your business.

A logo or brand refresh can do wonders to reinvigorate how a brand is perceived by not only you, but your ideal clientele. Whether it’s a subtle tweak to some curves, adjusting the colours away from a dated palette or finding a new typeface you can feel excited about, I can help refine and redesign your brand. 

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