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OK Go don’t let me down with ‘I Won’t Let You Down’.

I know I’m always in for a good time and thoughts of ‘Why aren’t more bands doing stuff like this!?’ when OK Go releases a new video. The video for the second single off their Hungry Ghosts album, ‘I Won’t Let You Down’ is a spectacle of high technology and creative choreography.

Filmed using a UAV copter thingy (I can’t find any behind the scenes stuff besides an occasional blurb!) with the band on Honda’s UNI-CUB performing a rolling dance routine with hundreds (thousands?) of Japanese schoolgirls/dancers armed with umbrellas and a whole lot of space.

Working with Morihiro Harano (You may remember him from this commercial for a cellphone.) and choreography by Furitsukekagyou air:man (someone I really wish had a website in english so I can learn more about whoever he/they are) the video moves indoors and outdoors in one continuous take (but there may have been multiple aerial takes stitched together in post) directed by Kabuki Seki.

Super inspiring stuff! I’ve been googling names and following links all afternoon. And of course, artists need to make a living, so if you dig their sound, buy the album!