Cassandra Simonds – Make Up Artist

I was approached with a request for building an identity and business card for a make up artist who focused on bridal party makeup after an unsatisfying experience with another designer. She was concerned that while this designer had presented ‘nice’ designs, none of them fit into the image she was looking for. 

After a conversation and survey of her business, clientele, and the message she wanted to convey, I was able to narrow down the direction to go in. The final design is elegant and soft with just the right amount of playfulness. 

The card itself serves triple duty. First as a business card, but a little message of ‘{blot lips here}’ across the top gives it a second function. Cassandra also wanted to remind her clients of their beauty and I conceived a message of ‘You are beautiful.’ across the back of the card that can be propped in a mirror as an affirmative message. 

Client: Cassandra Simonds – Make Up Artist  

Role: Graphic Designer

 Year: 2011