Vehicle Wraps

Take your message on the road, or off

Vehicles are rolling advertising. They let people know what tradespeople are working in the area, which company is making a delivery and that a brand is out there connecting with the community.

Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes and present a challenge many print designers have difficulty with. With over 16 years of experience designing vehicle wraps (my first in-studio job was designing a full pickup wrap) there is no category of vehicle I haven’t created a design for. Except for a spacecraft, if you’re in need of spacecraft livery, let me know!  

Whether you’re a tradesperson with one vehicle or a company with a fleet of vehicles, there’s options to stand out on the road.  From cars, to service trucks, to cube vans, to speed boats, to freighters to airplanes, it can probably be wrapped.

Reach out today to discuss how you can have your business or charity seen, no matter where you go.

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