Large Format

Go big or go unnoticed!

Large format graphics are one of the best ways to turn heads and command attention. If your business has a physical space there is opportunity for large format graphics to leave a lasting positive impression on customers.

Murals on the side of your building and gorgeous store window displays can help existing, and potential new customers find your location. Once inside, not only are the floors able to be wrapped, but floors, ceilings, and displays are eye-catching options to continue to communicate your brand message.

Even if your business is on the road at conventions, trade shows, craft fairs, or farmers markets, booth graphics ensure you’re seen, no matter where you set up shop.

Designing for large format is a difficult challenge. Unlike small format print design, large format must take into account the shape of the space and all of the things that can interrupt the space, not only in the space itself, but around the space that could block viewing angles. Viewing distance is of critical importance as well, text needs to be large enough to be read from where someone will view it. As large format graphics are seen when most people are on the go, the design must accommodate the viewing time a potential customer may have.

With over 16 years experience designing larger than life graphic applications, (the largest being over 5,000 square feet!) I can craft designs that will keep your brand in customers minds.

Large format options:

  • murals
  • window graphics
  • floors
  • ceilings
  • banners
  • trade show booths
  • canopies
  • construction hoarding
  • lot signs
  • and so much more!

If you’re ready to make a massive impact with your branding, contact me to discover how large format graphics can help build a memorable brand.

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