Web Design

Websites for small businesses that bring in business and look good, no matter the screen size.

A well-designed website is critical for any modern business. It’s a primary form of contact for many customers and needs to leave a good impression. A website is more than some good looking pages, that’s merely the icing. The cake itself is the framework that understands the customer, their tastes and preferences, how they think, and how they experience a website.

A user experience is designed to guide a customer through a site, to make finding whatever you want to share with them easy to find and engaging. Whether it’s sharing information or making a sale, there’s a hidden framework a designer works into a website. Once that is perfected, then the designer makes it look great, incorporating your visual identity into the site with colours, fonts and images.

I design websites in two of the leading website creation tools available today, Squarespace and WordPress. Both platforms are full-featured, able to serve small business website needs, and robust enough to grow with your business as it expands.

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