Logo Design – The Turnip Squad

A group of avid board game players that regularly play a game called Gloomhaven approched me to design a team logo for them to use on T Shirts.

Inspired by jersey logos of many North American sports teams, I researched into the styling and branding of the game and fused the two to create a bold logo that stands out on wearables.

The Turnip Squad Logo – First Concepts

Multiple initial concepts were presented, starting with neutral designs moving towards designs that reflected that violence that often occurs in this roll playing game. Often pushing a design too far in the concept stage is the best way to discover where the balancing point of elements is. In this case, the client liked one of the concepts, but with the violent element toned back.

The Turnip Squad Logo – Refined Concepts

Once the concept was agreed upon, the logo was created in a vector format. A last minute concept was pitched to have a customizable element in each logo. Gloomhaven has a game feature where players take on the role of a particular class, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. On the underside of the turnip cut contains the in-game icon of the wearers player class. In The Turnip Squad’s case, a Thief, a Berserker, and a Mind Flayer.

The Turnip Squad

Client: Markus Michelucci
Role: Graphic Design
Year: 2021