Resort Municipality of Whistler – Wayfinding Banners

The Resort Municipality of Whistler required a series of wayfinding banners to highlight the many destinations along the village’s Cultural Connector.

The idea was to have each destination listed on the banner with a way to bring focus to one particular location. That way each banner could be a reminder of all of the amazing stops on the connector while still informing people where they were on the route.

A design system was developed so that all of the banners were built off of a common template to allow for a cohesive look no matter where one was on the connector.

The visual system was built off of the Cultural Connector visual identity already in place. The challenge was to work within the visual identity so that the banners worked in harmony with other branded materials.

Client: Resort Municipality of Whistler

Role: Graphic Designer

Year: 2023

Banner photography: Originelle Designs Photography

Two wayfinding banners that are yellow with black text and a black and white checked diamond pattern, perpendicular to each other on a pole in front of trees and a blue sky.