The ACT Arts Centre

The ACT Art Centre presents a variety of concerts, comedy performances, theatrical, dance and variety performances every year. Ahead of the season launch, marketing materials are created to be used in a variety of mediums. The posters form the foundation.

As the imagery is provided by the performer’s management, the imagery is often visually and thematically different from that of the other performers. A visual vocabulary was established to unify the posters into a single whole, despite the differences in images. A common header and footer were used. The central area is filled with image when possible with a common font family overlayed to communicate the performer and show date/time. All type would only be black or white.

Once the initial poster designs were finalized, the initial poster was formatted into four sizes: letter, tabloid, and two different poster sizes to accommodate a variety of frames found within The ACT Arts Centre. The main images without the header and footer were adapted to fit web pages and social media.