The ACT Art Gallery

The ACT Art Gallery hosts secondary school student artists from the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows School District (SD42) in a bi-annual juried exhibition. To build interest in the exhibition amongst these young artists, I was tasked with creating a flyer that would be sent to the art instructors of each school to share with the students.

As the audience was the students themselves, a fun and playful approach was taken for the flyer. Most young artists’ first gallery is the family fridge, and any aspiring artist yearns for a more formal and public space to share their art. Playing off that idea, I brought an element of a gallery hung painting, the label and brought it into the domestic gallery.

Paired with the headline, the flyer becomes an aspiration and a call to action with a bit of levity.

  • Client: The ACT Art Gallery
  • Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Image Creation, Headline Copy
  • Year: 2021