Trailer Wraps – Port Coquitlam Fire & Emergency Services

Easy to see community outreach and support

The City of Port Coquitlam needed a trailer that could serve as both a Community Support Unit, able to arrive quickly to emergencies and be deployed as a support office in the field, and as something that could be part of local community events to share information in a non-emergency capacity.

The design started with a striping kit that matched the tow vehicles already wrapped in service. Using images collected from the cities extensive collection, a blended mural was created, balancing images of firefighters in the field, community outreach and volunteers.

The overall design is recognizable from a distance in emergency and non-emergency situations with title decals placed high up on the trailer for visibility.

The initial design was so successful, The Animal Support Unit was chosen to be redesigned to align with the other vehicles and trailers in the fleet.

The base striping design is the same between trailers, but images of the types of animals that can be supported, both domestic and wild were selected for the side murals.

Client: Port Coquitlam Fire & Emergency Services
Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design

Print/Installation: AMPCO Graphics
Year: 2023-2024