The ACT Arts Centre – Social Media

The Act Arts Centre is a multi-faceted facility that advertises and informs all of its offerings through umbrella social media accounts across the Instagram and Facebook platforms.The channels are a mix of information on live performances, arts learning programs, art gallery exhibits and informative information concerning the arts world both in the community and worldwide.As […]

Bentall Centre Athletic Club

The Bentall Centre Athletic Club was looking to liven up their fitness facilities with some super-sized graphics for their walls. They wanted full wall graphics that would appeal to their upscale Vancouver clientele. Graphics were to cover the entrance stairs, yoga room wall, locker wall, and a long hallway wall opposite the squash courts.  Sourced […]

Maple Ridge Museum

The Maple Ridge Museum collaborated with The ACT Art Gallery to display a collection of 1920s fashions, photographs, and artifacts to share what life was like in Maple Ridge during that era. With the only asset being vintage photos from the archives I designed the posters, introduction panel, teacher’s guide, webpage, and social media advertising. […]